Design and planning services

Design Services

Successful planning is not about painting a pretty picture of what a community could be, but rather carefully crafting a realistic vision for the future. Guiding a comprehensive and broad-based process, our planning group emboldens communities to, through creative collaboration, develop a framework that considers the unique circumstances and establishes a guide to achieve meaningful goals. This collective vision acknowledges the capacity for change and the willingness of both the public and private sectors to take the necessary steps. Underlying the entire process is a commitment to implementation and processes that contribute to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the community and surrounding areas.

  • Open space / green infrastructure planning
  • Land use and transportation studies
  • Corridor planning
  • Development strategy
  • Regional and city planning
  • District and neighborhood planning
  • Transit station area planning
  • Bicycle facilities planning
  • Green space/corridor  planning
  • Community involvement processes
  • Land use policy
  • Ordinance / code drafting
  • Design guidelines

Creating an uncommon space doesn’t involve molding and manipulating the land to a specific purpose. It requires honoring the land and allowing it to reveal the best ways to accommodate the vision for a special place. As landscape architects, we seek to unlock the essence of land in order to put it to the best use while protecting its natural qualities. We understand the interaction between people and the environment to establish an emotional connection that resonates with users. It’s often a matter of uncovering the right solutions while removing obstacles, without ever compromising the sustainable nature of the land and its resources. This sensitivity to place ensures we bring people and land together in a manner that provides a powerful and encompassing personal experience.
Site analysis and feasibility studies

  • Community thematic design
  • Hardscape and streetscape design
  • Development program strategies
  • Design guidelines
  • Community master planning
  • Amenity planning and design
  • Sustainable landscape design
  • Rezoning documents
  • Planting design
  • Green roof design
  • Environmental design

It takes vision and experience to elevate the common into the uncommon. As urban designers, we blend cultural influences and social needs with the characteristics of the land to create places of beauty and distinction around the world, from metropolitan epicenters to rural towns to individual neighborhoods. We know that a sustainable vision requires the careful blending of business, government, planning, design and individual needs, while maintaining sensitivity to relevant social issues. We use imaginative, strategic thinking to craft places of aesthetic beauty that also embrace future development, environmental responsibility, social equity and economic viability. Ultimately, urban design is about bringing forth from the land a living thing that stands the test of time and is embraced by those who touch it.

  • Urban infill developments
  • Adaptive reuse developments
  • Integrated land use / transportation strategies
  • Urban landscape / streetscape design
  • Concept architectural design
  • Urban park design
  • Urban design guidelines

Corporate Identity and Brand development begins with establishment of a cohesive vision and culminates in an expression of place that gains and maintains positive recognition in the marketplace. Creation of a strong brand requires a strategic understanding and approach that identifies the personality of a place and utilizes innovative tools and approaches to reach target audiences with a compelling message. The brand development team, with expertise in marketing communications, graphic design and environmental design, can guide a project from initial vision through market launch. Developing and leveraging messaging, graphic identity, collateral materials and web presence builds a multi-layer brand personality that is both authentic and appealing.

  • Brand strategy and management
  • Brand image development
  • Strategic planning
  • Environmental design